Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Search Engines..look beyond Google!!

Well think Search & the first thing that comes to mind is Google. Many, including me, can't get enough of this amazing tool. Then comes Yahoo, Live Search, Ask etc etc.

But there are a few who are very good when viewed from certain facets. Here's a peek view : -

India's first Search engine, started by two fire-in-the-belly IIT grads, provides search services for Indian websites.

Started by a group of IIT grads, AskLaila caters to local needs (presently Bangalore). Key in a query like 'Mobile repair shop ' & you'll get the answer.

Powered by Yahoo, you may find AllTheWeb a lighter, more customizable and pleasant "pure search" experience than you get at Yahoo itself. The focus is on web search, but news, picture, video, MP3 and FTP search are also offered.


HotBot provides easy access to the web's three major crawler-based search engines: Yahoo, Google and Teoma. Unlike meta search engines, it cannot blend the results from all of these crawlers together. Nevertheless, it's a fast, easy way to get different web search "opinions" in one place.

And then there are other intersting one's like ( provides clustering feature ), etc.

Happy Searching !!