Friday, February 1, 2008

Notepad or an online diary!!

You've used notepad a plethora of times & that little accessories tool has nothing to crave about. Well, if that's what you think, ponder again; for there's more to Notepad than just being Window's default text editor.

Here's a small tip...courtesy an email forward from a friend -

You are too busy a person at office (or for that matter anywhere else) with n no of meetings & things to remember. You don't have the time to use the Online calendar.

Open the humble notepad & type in .LOG on the top. Now you can add in your important notes to it. Save the changes & close the file.

The next time you open the file you'll find the Date/Time signature appended to it as evident above. Follow the above incase you need to add more notes.

Amazing, Simple & true. Thanks to MS & the guy who sent me the e-mail forward.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Tech Span - A Google PR2 blog now!!

Well..well...well...i know that my last post was a month back & my due apologies for the same. My year long wedding with Java has taken its toll & now i am hinged to it 24x7.

Neverthless, there's some good news. I am glad to announce that 'Tech Span' is now a Google Page Rank 2 blog. Thanks to your support, in the latest google update 'Tech Span' has now gone from PR0 to PR2; & that too within a short span of two months.
Here's the proof - Free Page Rank Tool

On the flip side, 'Tech Span' was reviewed by Assess My Blog & i must admit that the observations were far from satisfactory. Neverthless, i've promised Manick that i'll work upon my follies & get back to him. Here's a link to the review.

Moreover, I have been getting a lot of blog review requests. I will soon be starting out a blog review section aptly called 'Blog Unplugged'. Herein, i'll be reviewing blogs that seem to be of interest to me. In case you need to get your blog reviewed, leave a comment here. But have a look at the conditions before that -
  1. The blog should be atleast 2 months old.
  2. It should preferably be a Technology related blog.
  3. Have atleast 10 posts.

So keep hooked for more...& Happy Republic Day in advance.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wanna get into Google? Do this...

You might have been working for the Infosyss, Wipros & the HPs but that interview call from Google has eluded you. If you've found patent replies of 'qualification & experience mismatch' from Google to your mails to, read on...

Well, first find solace in the fact that you are not alone. Believe it or not Google receives 1000000 job applications a year & rejects 99.5 % of them. Link..

So how do you get into Google . Who better than Google itself to answer the question. The Google India site has come up with certain enlightening tips on how to get into the search giant.

With sections dedicated to the hiring process, to preparing your CV, to preparing for the interview, they have mentioned it all. Go through this Link.

It's worth going through & trying your luck at. I'll try mine...

<--- Accessing Orkut & other blocked websites in College or at work --->

Monday, November 26, 2007 search kid on the block!!

ChaCha...well as you might suggest, i am in no way referring to my Uncle...that's the name of a new Search engine on the block.

ChaCha is a new Search startup that claims to revolutionise the way people search on the web today...using people. That's right! In a new feature called 'Live Guided Search' ChaCha has experts who help you out with your online search.

While Mike Arrington of TechCrunch might have been unduly harsh on it - he says that the so-called experts are'nt good enough - i believe that the idea, though is something to look out for.

You lookout for some stuff on the web, fail to find it & then you ask the experts to search it for you. That's logical, provided the Guides are good enough.

As the founders put it, 'Cha' stands for 'Search' in chinese & hence the term. With a cool looking interface & search features for News, Images, audio & video ChaCha is definitely something you can try out.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Google Adsense!! Money making through your blogs

As promised, i am back with a post on Google Adsense as demanded by a few of you. So what is Adsense all about. For the uninitiated here's my take :-

Google Adsense is indeed one giant step in the facet of online advertising. It drives what is called The Google Economy. Through Adsense, Google places ads on your blog/website related to your content. When a visitor clicks your ad, Google shares the revenue with you.

Hordes of Blog & website owners have flourished based on this amazing tool, besides adding to Google's coffers.

So how do you get an Adsense account :-

Step 1) If you have a blog or a website go to the adsense link & apply for an account.

Step 2) You'll need to specify your blog URL. If Google believes your blog is worth it, it will intimate you of the same. The code provided may then be used for displaying ads.

Step 3) If you use Blogger, the task is simplified. You just need to add the Adsense widget on your layout the rest follows.

But the trial starts after ads start displaying. Follow certain precautions with adsense :-

1) Don't click on your own ads or ask your friends to do so. You won't need to ask them the next time.Your adsense account might get blocked.

2) Google keeps track of your IP address & if it finds too many clicks from the same IPA, your account might get blocked.

3) Ensure that no ads are clicked from the machines where you have logged in to Gmail, Orkut or checked your adsense account.

4) Avoid going through any click exchange programmes.

5) Avoid using methods like click traffic etc.

Simply put it, concentrate on your content, play it safe & revenue will follow.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Blogging - for the uninitiated!!

Well, post my foray into the Blog world with 'Tech Span', a lot of my friends came up with queries on Blogging. So for the uninitiated, here's blogging in a nutshell.

A Blog is basically a personal diary where you can share your views on the web. The term 'Blog' is actually a morpheme to the word 'Web Log' coined by John Barger, way back in 1997. Over the years, blogs have turned out to be be an alternate media for neitzens & a paying one too.

Though, over here in India, the Blog bug caught up a little late, it's growing by leaps & bounds. People like Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration ( he quit his high paying IT job to be India's first professional blogger) have made a fortune through their blogs.

So how do you start:-

Step 1) Use a blog-building tool like or to get started with. These tools provide you with all the plumbing you need, what with a good looking templates & readymade widgets & all.

Step 2) Write stuff that's interesting for people to read. They should visit you often.

Step 3) Be on a lookout for interesting happenings around.

In case you need tips on how to draw traffic to your blog, go through Subhash's post.

Will be coming up with a post on Adsense. So keep hooked!!
In the meanwhile, Happy Blogging!!