Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Google Adsense!! Money making through your blogs

As promised, i am back with a post on Google Adsense as demanded by a few of you. So what is Adsense all about. For the uninitiated here's my take :-

Google Adsense is indeed one giant step in the facet of online advertising. It drives what is called The Google Economy. Through Adsense, Google places ads on your blog/website related to your content. When a visitor clicks your ad, Google shares the revenue with you.

Hordes of Blog & website owners have flourished based on this amazing tool, besides adding to Google's coffers.

So how do you get an Adsense account :-

Step 1) If you have a blog or a website go to the adsense link & apply for an account.

Step 2) You'll need to specify your blog URL. If Google believes your blog is worth it, it will intimate you of the same. The code provided may then be used for displaying ads.

Step 3) If you use Blogger, the task is simplified. You just need to add the Adsense widget on your layout the rest follows.

But the trial starts after ads start displaying. Follow certain precautions with adsense :-

1) Don't click on your own ads or ask your friends to do so. You won't need to ask them the next time.Your adsense account might get blocked.

2) Google keeps track of your IP address & if it finds too many clicks from the same IPA, your account might get blocked.

3) Ensure that no ads are clicked from the machines where you have logged in to Gmail, Orkut or checked your adsense account.

4) Avoid going through any click exchange programmes.

5) Avoid using methods like click traffic etc.

Simply put it, concentrate on your content, play it safe & revenue will follow.

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Rakesh said...

Thanks for the post Ryan...i will take care of these things in future.