Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Blogging - for the uninitiated!!

Well, post my foray into the Blog world with 'Tech Span', a lot of my friends came up with queries on Blogging. So for the uninitiated, here's blogging in a nutshell.

A Blog is basically a personal diary where you can share your views on the web. The term 'Blog' is actually a morpheme to the word 'Web Log' coined by John Barger, way back in 1997. Over the years, blogs have turned out to be be an alternate media for neitzens & a paying one too.

Though, over here in India, the Blog bug caught up a little late, it's growing by leaps & bounds. People like Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration ( he quit his high paying IT job to be India's first professional blogger) have made a fortune through their blogs.

So how do you start:-

Step 1) Use a blog-building tool like blogger.com or wordpress.com to get started with. These tools provide you with all the plumbing you need, what with a good looking templates & readymade widgets & all.

Step 2) Write stuff that's interesting for people to read. They should visit you often.

Step 3) Be observant...be on a lookout for interesting happenings around.

In case you need tips on how to draw traffic to your blog, go through Subhash's post.

Will be coming up with a post on Adsense. So keep hooked!!
In the meanwhile, Happy Blogging!!