Monday, November 26, 2007 search kid on the block!!

ChaCha...well as you might suggest, i am in no way referring to my Uncle...that's the name of a new Search engine on the block.

ChaCha is a new Search startup that claims to revolutionise the way people search on the web today...using people. That's right! In a new feature called 'Live Guided Search' ChaCha has experts who help you out with your online search.

While Mike Arrington of TechCrunch might have been unduly harsh on it - he says that the so-called experts are'nt good enough - i believe that the idea, though is something to look out for.

You lookout for some stuff on the web, fail to find it & then you ask the experts to search it for you. That's logical, provided the Guides are good enough.

As the founders put it, 'Cha' stands for 'Search' in chinese & hence the term. With a cool looking interface & search features for News, Images, audio & video ChaCha is definitely something you can try out.

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