Friday, February 1, 2008

Notepad or an online diary!!

You've used notepad a plethora of times & that little accessories tool has nothing to crave about. Well, if that's what you think, ponder again; for there's more to Notepad than just being Window's default text editor.

Here's a small tip...courtesy an email forward from a friend -

You are too busy a person at office (or for that matter anywhere else) with n no of meetings & things to remember. You don't have the time to use the Online calendar.

Open the humble notepad & type in .LOG on the top. Now you can add in your important notes to it. Save the changes & close the file.

The next time you open the file you'll find the Date/Time signature appended to it as evident above. Follow the above incase you need to add more notes.

Amazing, Simple & true. Thanks to MS & the guy who sent me the e-mail forward.


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