Friday, January 25, 2008

Tech Span - A Google PR2 blog now!!

Well..well...well...i know that my last post was a month back & my due apologies for the same. My year long wedding with Java has taken its toll & now i am hinged to it 24x7.

Neverthless, there's some good news. I am glad to announce that 'Tech Span' is now a Google Page Rank 2 blog. Thanks to your support, in the latest google update 'Tech Span' has now gone from PR0 to PR2; & that too within a short span of two months.
Here's the proof - Free Page Rank Tool

On the flip side, 'Tech Span' was reviewed by Assess My Blog & i must admit that the observations were far from satisfactory. Neverthless, i've promised Manick that i'll work upon my follies & get back to him. Here's a link to the review.

Moreover, I have been getting a lot of blog review requests. I will soon be starting out a blog review section aptly called 'Blog Unplugged'. Herein, i'll be reviewing blogs that seem to be of interest to me. In case you need to get your blog reviewed, leave a comment here. But have a look at the conditions before that -
  1. The blog should be atleast 2 months old.
  2. It should preferably be a Technology related blog.
  3. Have atleast 10 posts.

So keep hooked for more...& Happy Republic Day in advance.


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